Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt

Earn your own Expert-title! How many activities have you mastered?

  • Make your own sea salt.
  • Observe how salt crystals are formed in water.
  • Build a model of salt crystal.
  • Label the water-cycle.
  • What floats in saltwater, what in freshwater?
  • Can saltwater carry freshwater?
  • Why we sprinkle salt on icy roads?
  • The uses of salt.
  • How does salt taste?
  • How does salt taste?
  • The tale of salt.
  • Make a mini-booklet.
  • Make your own coins
  • Play the salt game.
  • Bake salt-pretzel.
  • Make your own herbal salt.
  • Make your own salt bombs.
  • Paint a picture with salt.
  • Model a picture or your holiday place from salt-dough.

Can you do this too?

  • Find a food that tastes very very salty.
  • Take or draw a picture of something salty.
  • Experiment with something in sea and in the bathtub. Where does it float better?
  • Eat an egg with and without salt. Write down the difference.
  • Let someone take your photo with a “salty” grim face. Bite something salty or try seawater and show your reaction!

Extra Challenge:

  • Find or draw an item beginning with each letter of your name that has something to do with salt (Example: Sandra: Salt-shaker for S, Eel for E, Noodle for N etc.)
  • Try to trade something for a salt coin, means you have to buy something.

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