Activity 14: Play the salt game

Play the salt game

You will need:

Downloaded game, 2 to 4 game action figures (up to four people can play), salt coins, pebbles, stickers or other coins and a dye.

That’s how it’s done:

Each player starts in a white field and starts with 5 coins (the castle also has 5 coins). If you roll a 6, you get to roll the dye again and move according to the rolled number. If you don’t get a 6 after three rounds, you can move anyway according to the number you rolled. Each player always moves in any direction. If a player comes to the sun , he gets 1 coin from the castle. If the player comes to a prohibition sign , he must pay 2 coins to the castle. If the player is caught in a thunderstorm , he must go back to the start. The player can take shortcuts using the arrows . Whoever arrives first at the castle and owns at least 7 coins wins the game.

Download the game here.

Play the salt game

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