Activity 9: How does salt taste?

How does salt taste?

Experience salt with all your senses

What do you feel when you touch salt, how does it feel, how does it taste? Can you smell it, does it make any sound?

Do you own experiment and you will find out!

That’s how it’s’ done:

Drink a glass of normal water.

Try a little bit of seawater.

Decide how many spoons of salt you would need to add to freshwater to make it taste like seawater.

Dissolve the salt in the water. Keep checking after every spoon you put in the water. If the water tastes too salty, stop. How many spoons of salt did you add?

Compare it with the salinity of the sea.

You will need: 1 glass filled with 2.5 deciliters of fresh water, 1 glass filled with some seawater, 1 spoon, salt

How many teaspoons of salt do you have to add to a glass of water to make it taste as salty as the sea? Write down your assumption.



How does salt taste?

One liter of seawater contains about 30 grams of salt.

Answer: Approximately 2 teaspoons salt in 2.5 deciliter water gives the same salinity as seawater.

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